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I purchased Substance Painter outright as a perpetual licence and later realised that I had no access to Substance Source.  As time went on it became more and more apparent that this extra access is essencial because there is no other way to access it?

As my maintanance period comes to a end at the end of this month I am wondering If I should just go the rent to own route as I still get to keep that latest version after a year but I have a whole years access to source.  I keep getting emails for these great new substances that I cant get access to, should allegorithmic at least consider allowing for some paid for access on a year or monthly basis?

Thanks, Dan

My recommendation is to do the subscription and get on with your work. $30 will not break the bank and you save time by not having to create everything from scratch. You also get Designer and B2M included.

Also remember that Source access is additive. What you don't use rolls over to the next month.

You can continue as you as are and simply subscribe for one month to get 30 source materials - then cancel the subscription. That appears to be the only way at the moment.

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... should allegorithmic at least consider allowing for some paid for access on a year or monthly basis?

That would be nice, cause right now the policy seems a little punitive for those who want to operate under a perpetual license.

Like say JohnnyFactor it's possible to get a temporary subscription, but it's a bit annoying.
"Perpetual" choice is not a problem of money, but of continuity. There is no guarantee that SD or SP will remain a tool I need on a daily basis next year. My business can decrease, or my activity center can change but I want to be able to continue to use the software I acquired which is not the case with the subscription, right ?

So not being able to access the source because of this choice seems unfair, while next to that megascan  focuses his strategy on access to a huge library. This lack of access encourages me to look at megascan when I don't want to. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Allegorithmic and its team.
Why can't you just buy points if you need some ?
I know it's probably to encourage people to go for subscription but it's not very fairplay IMO

I purchased a perpetual license for SP but then, like you, wanted access to some materials. I had also assumed a license would come with 'X' amount of resources or so many months free access. In the end, I started paying subs as well, but I'm glad I did now as I got access to SD which had made it worthwhile and with Alchemist coming up, I think it's worth paying. Even if I end up stopping subs, I'll still have my permanent copy of SP to fall back on.

Thanks for your replies guys.

My maintanance has now just ended a day or so ago.  Im looking at the current offer which is $190 inc vat but to keep a perpetual I have to add another $49 to that and add vat which is $249  thats only for this years offer.  I dont need the other software just painter.

Now I look on steam I see Substance painter on sale for £49 inc a year maintanance so Im paying a heck of alot of money to access substance Source.  It seems to me Im better off sticking to get steam offer and subscribe to a months access to get access to source.

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