Author Topic: Poliigon materials integration  (Read 1393 times)

Greetings, i'm kind new to this so bear with me if i do something wrong (wrong forum section for example).

I recently started using substance painter and i'm having a blast with it. For about a year now i'm using poliigon site for my texture maps and i have a pretty big library. What is the best way of integrating these materials into substance painter? (for each material i have a diffuse/displacement/glossy/specular maps)

I did try to find answers and tried the solution previously suggested in some similar threads. Used the diffuse map in an empty layer but i had 2 problems with it. Firstly, because of the scaling my image would be get too stretched and i was losing detail. Secondly this way i couldn't take advantage of the other maps i had for this material. Maybe i need designer for this? What ,do you think, is the correct workflow to do this? Thanks in advance!
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