Author Topic: Performance - Is there a way to "Flatten" layers or speed up a project?  (Read 938 times)

I'm having major performance issues when hand painting my models. Since Substance Painter records every stroke, as I work in the same project (to add variations to my models), it gets so slow that I can't work without me seeing the progress bar.
I know that in applications such as Photoshop, you can "flatten" layers...which removes data used to create the layer. I would be very happy if there was something similar in Substance Painter.

Does ANYONE have any suggestions on how to make sure that my projects can stay fast or how I can speed up an existing project?

Need more info.  Many factors could be causing slowdown.

What are your hardware specs, what version of SP you're using, polycount of your project mesh, are you using UDIMS, how many texture sets did you bake, what's your working resolution?

I have an I7-5820K CPU, NVidia 1060 6GB, 24 GB RAM.

I'm using Substance Painter 2018.2.3.

I'm not using UDIMS and my projects usually only have 1 Textureset. I usually paint in 2048x2048 resolution.

Mesh polycount never matters. I've had massive slowdowns with the Sample project for creating tiled Textures. 7x7 Grid of polys....which is very low.

Performance seems to drop when I work on a project and make many progressively gets worse over time.

Have you checked to see your GPU / CPU / Memory usage during use?

I haven't checked GPU /CPU or Memory usage during use.

It seems to be related to projects that have many changes. If I start a new project, all is fine. If I open certain projects...I can't get in one change before I start seeing the progress bar.