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Illumination maps are used in lot of ways, could this appear in substance painter ?
A simple exemple could be the game gears of war using them on characters and environment.


This has been added to the 1.0 release.

So how do you make this feel as if it is actually glowing with the viewport. I can now see my emissive color and values but it doesn't actually produce a glow/haze effect in the viewport like what I see in UE4. Am I doing something wrong or is the glow/haze part still need to be added? Thanks!

You need to activate the post processes and tweak the glare settings to see the glow effect.

Could you please show an example of this? I have emissive value all the way to 1 (can't overdrive like I do in UE4) and the glare luminance all the way to 1 but there still isn't glow happening. There is emissive, but not the glow effect.

OK, now I see... I need to turn down the threshold quite a bit, the problem with this going through glare is that everything in the scene really gets blown out. I think we should be able to over crank the emissive so just those pieces have a larger effect over the glare/bloom (UE4). It feels like the emissive values don't push to the upper range of the HDR area.

Yes I agree, we are looking into it.

wait wat?  isnt there an Emissive Strength property in the material? was playin with it last night - can overcrank it very nicely.

 strangelet3345 - Please do tell. I am only able to drag the slider up to 1 for value on both the base color and the Emissive (see image above) If I try to input a number higher than 1 it forces the value to 0.

In the viewer settings, you can crank it up to 10 but it's not enough to get very glowy elements, we will need to allow for higher values.

Ahhh...OK..Now I see. Yes this is an improvement but yes...would like to push that element a bit more! :) Thanks!