Author Topic: Substance Source - No 16bit Hightmap option  (Read 6468 times)

I'm fairly new to using substance source in the C4D R19 Asset Manager rendering Vray3.6.

When I make my own sbsar out of designer I specify 16bit for hightmaps and use it for displacement. It works perfectly for my purposes. However, I just loaded up a sbsar from Substance source and to my great sadness its locked at 8bit and vray renders banding in the displacement channel  :'(  When I bring it into designer, all perimeters are locked.

Not being able to use substance source for displacement is a big bummer if this is the case. let me know if you've had similar issue - would love to hear if there's a solution.

Yes I have experienced this in MANY of the materials on Source.  My solution is to either use painter (since most of the time I don't want a repeating texture across my model anyway, so I paint, randomize, paint, randomize, rinse and repeat...)

On some materials you can open them in Designer and alter the outputs to L16..but it doesn't always help when using the substance materials directly inside C4D. 

There appears to be something wrong with the way C4D's Substance integration interprets displacement info.

I thought maybe it was just a Redshift issue (the engine I use), because usually when I do a render using Physical, the banding is not present.

I'm curious if you ever found a good work-around?

yes, i was even confused on it and hope it will be added in future

Just trying to figure out why it is so difficult to get information why this is happening?  I've reached out in the past about it, I've requested support from Maxon, it all just goes into a black hole and never gets answered.  Is this really so hard to figure out?

It really appears to be an issue with the plugin for C4D and how it interprets color space for the various channels (in particular the displacement)