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I would like to preserve material IDs in a workflow from 3dsMax via Zbrush to SPainter/Designer

the problem I am facing is the randomisation, which is happening in ZBrush

I also posted this at zbrushcentral:

"I am using 3dsMax for modeling, and I would like to preserve my material IDs and the respective colors within ZBrush.

The idea is to NOT randomise my Material IDs, so that I can keep them consistent trhoughout this process:

3dsMax: Proxy modelling and applying Material IDs per face > export fbx

ZBrush: import fbx with material IDs, creating polygroups from material IDs, and also keeping the colors from the material IDs for those polygroups created
> export via fbx exporter, with material IDs

Substance Painter/Designer: importing lowpoly, baking highpoly material IDs, again without randomising them"

any ideas?

I think it would come in very handy, if we could preserve material ID information, because it would allow us to bake ID maps, which would be consistent with the source multimaterial colors used in 3dsMax

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Marcus Civis was kind enough to take a closer look at this - unfortunately ZBrush polygroups have an RGB limitation, which makes it impossible to transfer the material ID colors to polygroups.

the issue with polypaint is the vertex bleeding across neighbouring faces.

so I started thinking about workarounds, bypassing ZBrush (which sucks) and baking the colors from the multimaterial in Painter.

I am wondering, how material IDs are handled in production pipelines including ZBrush and Painter (and I assume, that most of the production pipelines are using both ZBrush and Painter). My guess is, that the material ID´s are painted manually in ZBrush, maybe including a subtool to pick the ID colors from.

as always, feedback is much appreciated

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