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Hello Substance-Community,

Im new in Substance-Designer. I have this strange "Make It Tile" problem and i dont know how to solve it. Maybe someone can help me with this. Thank you!

The make it tile will only work well on fairly uniform textures. Since you have this very large shape in the center that fills the whole texture, it's practically impossible to make a seamless transition.

I would advice to work in a way that keeps the texture tileable in the first place. The transform node is luckily pretty much the only node that will break tiling unless it's used with caution. The safe transform is very usefull here. Also, try to remove the second transform and changing the values on the other nodes until you get the result you want. It's impossible to zoom in without breaking the tiling pattern, so try to make the pattern larger from the start.
Esger van der Post.
Game design student and texturing addict.

there are several things I don't like / don't understand about this make it tile node.

first it seems to me, that the sliders with the letter "H" (like "horizontal") actually control vertical tiling and the other way around for "V" (in contrary to what is written here

secondly I am unable to use this node to only make a texture tile horizontally OR vertically. Even if I set all values to zero, there is still some offset happening. This might be intentional, but I would like a node with all values set to zero do nothing.

For a node, which is as important as this one, I would have hoped for less confusion on my end - but maybe it's just because it's Monday morning...