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Hey guys rather new to almost everything in this workflow so its been trial and error, finally got to exporting and well? just a flat black texture for diffuse!

Some steam tag recommended to someone else with the same problem its due to it being metal so i need a gloss/sepecular map but does that mean i dont need a diffuse map for metal?

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What workflow is this? I only see Diffuse, Spec, and Normal???

What are you channel settings? What is each map set to?

What are your export settings?

When you click each map on the right window does it show black under Diffuse?

If you send me your file I can most likely figure this out much faster for you.
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Ow hey, urm sorta from zbrush/maya/substance for a full character i have never done a full character before so learning as i go!

i was trying to get something for a "game ready" character model so was doing the weapon on a 512x512 sheet.

the diffuse is just purely black yes when i isolate it on the model, the spec is the like dirt and scratches, and the normal is just well the normal. i cant find were the colour information is coming from (the metallic look)

the export settings were custom for each map using the RGB option for diffuse so it came out just black as thats how it is in the program, but i have no clue were the metallic is coming from. 

so im not sure what my best course of action is here. i cant link the file here apparently. sorry if this is a frustrating or a silly mistake as im really new too this technical side of character art.

You're going to want to use the workflow which matches the shaders you're using in relation to your visual style for the target engine.

Without seeing the file I cannot help as I have zero idea what you've set up.

Best of luck.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)