Author Topic: Rectangular stone floor  (Read 1340 times)

Hi guys I'm new here. I need your help to recreate this texture in attachment.
It looks like there are 4 sided stones mostly, and here and there a triangular stone.

I've tried with blended tile sampler and cells_1 node but it looks wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Patterns that are irregular, but have underlying structure, are a bit of a limitation with substance right now.

There's no current method of creating 'packing' logic, but it's come up enough times that hopefully the tools will be added in future.

This is the closest I can get - starting off with the same cells pattern, and then using some anisotrophic blurs to 'square' some of the irregular shapes.  It's missing the sharp corners, and has some large gaps:

Hi jbrckovic,

I have entered 4 initial forms in the Non Uniform Blur Grayscale and then in the Tile Sampler. It comes close to the desired pattern. Maybe you can refine that. With a pattern for the Distribution Map input (here Cells4, or something else) you can control the pattern a little more.

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thanks guys for your replies, it helped a lot.

@PixelPoet your way seems to be closest to what I need.
Here's what I have so far. I need to get sharper corners and straighter edges somehow.

Not bad the double initial form!

Here I have made a variant to test how it affects the number of corners. I was surprised: not much.

The template shows excellent craftsmanship and a good eye. This becomes not easy for a pattern generator.