Author Topic: Create a sbsar for 3d asset  (Read 707 times)

i'm curious if it is possible to texture a 3d asset and be able to do material overlay in designer but then again i have to do this inside of painter, the ability to create tweak-able texture parameters for a 3d asset in a sbsar package... ;)

i don't really care about the optimization of the textures as far as the presentation is concerned the prototyping the concept is more important and after the final result i should be able to export the textures..

Hey, you cannot embed a 3d asset within a sbsar, but you can create inputs that will be unique for each 3d asset + parameters that will be accessible by the user.

did you make the induction tutorials?

hey i was talking bout something like this

you should really make the tutorial serie on substance academy: it will provide you solid basis