Author Topic: Is there a way to use substances (sbsar files) for rendering in C4D with vray  (Read 4962 times)

Hi all,

Is there a way to render sbsar material files through C4Ds Substance Asset manager, with Vray renderer? I would guess not, as these come out white when rendered, but just wanted to ask the question. I presume I would need to export the channels in Designer first, and bring them in in a Vray material?


yes, i do it all the time. You just plug in what you need, pull down tab in each channel. Not everything translates directly bc vrayc4d (current pre chaos group) is a little wonky. For example I use roughness in the glossiness channel. Metalness workflow is obviously different tho. My only issue is that the substance source materials from their site are locked in 8bit so if you use the hightmap in displacement there's banding.

Brilliant, I've just given it a go and got it working...but not all of the inputs can go somewhere (when looking at a car paint substance with flakes). Is it a case of get a best match with a V-ray material type?