Author Topic: Substance Designer now on Steam  (Read 15728 times)

Hi all,

Substance Designer full and non-commercial version are now available on Steam.

These versions include a substance template especially designed to help artists create assets for Valve's hugely popular Dota 2.

Head over to the Substance Designer's STEAM PAGE for details.

Congratulations on Substance Designer being Green Lit.

As someone who previously bought Substance Designer directly from Allegorithmic (instead of through Steam), is it possible to activate my preexisting Substance Designer license within Steam, thereby allowing me to log into Steam and access it on all of my computers and OSes, instead of being limited to two installs?

Hi Chris,

It's something we are thinking about, but we don't have any answer yet, as there are several things to sort out. We will let you know when we have more information.

Head of Product Management

Congrats for Green Lit!

As Chris mentioned, i would be really interested to make that transition as well. Plus I m curious about that Dota2 template too. Just wanted to show that there is interest.



I want to adjust my license too with this site.

Thanks for the summer sale. :)

So far the steam version isn't working very properly for me.  :'(

Very interested in this too, I am playing with making a DOTA template myself but of course this could save me some time :)

Here is a link to the template
You can find a guide on the Community page of SD on Steam.

Thanks so much!

Unfortunately it seems the shader does not load on the Mac?, I have the cgfx file but substance seems to want a glslfx shader?

We changed the shader format with 3.7.
You should find the right shader in your steamapps\common\Substance Designer\samples\FreeContent\dota\ folder

Bugger. I am a paid up owner direct from you guys, in fact we have 3 seats but don't have the Steam version. Will you be updating it to 3.7 in the future etc.?

Sorry, here is a link to the updated shader, this should work with 3.7:

Unzip the content to your \resources\view3d\shaders folder, have fun :)
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 :( unfortunately it nearly works :) its greyed out, if I try and load it, I get "An Error Occurred" - anything I can do to give you more info?, not a lot in the logs..

22/09/2013 1:57:42.766 pm designer[37076]: modalSession has been exited prematurely - check for a reentrant call to endModalSession:

Indeed, there seem to be an issue with some Macs at the moment, we are looking into it.