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Hi guys... I'm trying to do better about cluttering forums so I'm just making essentially an art dump.  Here's something I'm wrapping up using substance designer.

No hand painting - all done in SD:

Really nice :-)
I like the wood :will you share the graph?

Thanks!   As far as the graph..  the wood is sculpted.   Not procedural.   So even though it's all textured in sd, the wood grain is not procedural

Awesome asset!  Was wondering the same about the wood, absolutely no harm in sculpting it I find a combo of high res bakes and procedural stuff works well.

Stylish! :)
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Thanks guys!

Looks neat! I like how the wood looks too.

I made some adjustments here on how it looks based on some feedback.

Here are adjustments.  Love how easy it is to iterate on a design with sd.

That looks even better! It now has a less "cartoony" vibe to it as well.

Thanks Kay!

Quick update and I think I'm calling this done..

Absolutely beautiful, congratulations on that piece!
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Thanks  Sebastian!   And thanks for the feature on the substance facebook page!