Author Topic: Parameters Window compact UI option & Drop-down list alternative  (Read 687 times)

Hi everyone!

I have 2 proposals regarding the Parameters Window.

Parameters Window compact UI:
Add an option to have a more compact UI, so less scrolling is required thus speeding up the workflow.
To illustrate, take a look at this concept:

Furthermore, adjustable vertical dividers could improve the lineup.

The Original for comparison:

Drop-down list alternative:
Use buttons as an alternative to the drop-down list. This is also illustrated(albeit very basic) in the concept above.
That would save the step(s) to expand(& scroll) the drop-down list.

As someone who mostly uses SD on a laptop, this would be a great improvement. Purely personally I'd rather have names get cut off and have sliders at equal sizes. But either way, compact view would be great. Those buttons also look very convenient.

Be sure to add this to their uservoice, so they keep this listed:

Thanks! It's on Uservoice now.  :)