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Hi guys,

I am quite new to Substance Designer and I wonder if you can help me. I am trying to replicate the following image

I have already created all these wall tiles separately however I do not know how to combine them together so they tile nicely. I have made big white rectangular tiles using the tile generator and also made pattern in the middle using squares, rotation and then multiplying them together with the blend node to create a pattern. But I do not know how to to combine the big white tiles with the middle blue pattern line. Your help will be appreciated.



For something like this, I think you could pull it off with some Transforms, some Blends, and a plain white square.

One thing that might be quite useful to you is that you can change the tiling of Transform nodes so items don't repeat. If you want to make a mask (to feed to a Blend node, so you can blend your repeating diagonal square pattern with the big tiles), you can feed a plain white square into a Transform, set the Transform's tiling setting to "Horizontal Only" or "None", and shrink the square down vertically until the strip of diagonals is in the right place.

Hi Cory,

Thanks for your reply, really helpful. I followed your advice and it worked, thanks.

Here is the result, not 100% accurate but close :)


I just have one more question, when I zoom in close on my tile pattern the white lines appear pixelated and jagged. is it normal? I am viewing it in 2048. Here is the image

Thanks in advance