Author Topic: Can't edit frame sizes anymore  (Read 998 times)

Well this is weird, currently using 2018.2.1 and for the last couple of days frames cannot be adjusted. They can be moved but not resized. Have restarted multiple times. Any ideas? Is there a lock/unlock feature somewhere?

edit : Same with layout windows too, I can't stretch/squash docked menu windows
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Hey, could you join the log fie please? Do you still have the issue woth the latest version (2018.2.2)?

Thanks Vincent, added a log though today it's running correctly. Tried multiple substances and it's fine now, no idea what happened. I did load someone else's substance from an external site so perhaps that loaded the correct settings and it switched my own settings or something.

I'm on the work pc so am currently locked to 2018.2.1, I do have the latest at home and it's fine there.