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Hi. i have a question: What is the difference between doing the map bake here in Maya compared to doing it when I load the model in substance and I give it to display properties and then to bake all maps?

/!\ Compatible Maya 2013 and above. Windows only.
Not compatible with Mac OS and Maya LT.

Hey everybody !
I'm finally able to share my "little" Maya script to all. Subtly named "Substance Maya toolset". As you probably guessed, the script is dedicated to Maya and related to Substance. I'm open to any requests or suggestions, if any.

What is the goal of the script ?
It's a integrated interface inside Maya to call the Substance bakers via our BatchTools. It handles quick exports and conversions to output all the textures that you want. You can also process multiple meshes at once if needed. You can also use the script to process custom substances (sbsar) over you baked textures to batch multiple meshes.

Where do I get the script ?
The script is available on Substance Share :

How do I install and use the script ?
A detailed documentation is available on our website over here : Substance Maya Toolset Documentation

Current features :
- Automatic export
- Automatic triangulation of LP during export
- Automatic smooth preview to polygon conversion for Hp during export
- Move and Export from 0,0,0 then put LP/HP back where they were
- Baking multiple meshes in a row (batching)
- Custom mesh nomenclature for batching multiple HP/LP
- One Interface for configuration bakers, export format and export location
- Template system for baking substances in sync with the outputs form the bakers

Planned features :
- Support for name matching when baking
- Support for multiple high-poly
- Cage creation from low-poly

Supported bakers :
- Ambient Occlusion
- Ambient Occlusion from mesh
- Normal from mesh
- Height from mesh
- Curvature
- Materials IDs color
- Vertex colors
- Position
- UVs islands
- World space direction
- World space normal
- Thickness

Changelog :
Code: [Select]
[SubstanceMayaToolset 0.7]
-Added cage creator (with step, triangulation and offset type settings)
-Fixed incorrect dialog box when the tangent space plugin is missing

[SubstanceMayaToolset 0.6.1]
-Fixed : Material IDs baker doesn't need anymore an high-poly mesh if set to low-poly
-Fixed : Incorrect path for cage mesh when sent to the bakers

[SubstanceMayaToolset 0.6]
-Added HP convertion (from smooth preview to polygons) during export
-Added new bakers : Materials Color (from HP or LP), AO from HP, Thickness
-Added warnings if export/batch path is incorrect/doesn't exist
-Added normal Plugin setting (mikkt/unity/custom)
-Added Triangulation during export for LP mesh
-Added global parameters for Rays, Anti-Aliasing and Normal type
-Updated script to support Batch tool 5.0.3
-Updated UI to optimize the overall workflow
-Updated Mesh nomenclature : now saved permanently
-Updated Map suffix : Now saved permanently
-Fixed missing dilation/diffusion setting for some bakers

How to get to manual? I have login window, but can't get in. Gmail account doesn't work also my allegorithmic account.
If someone has offline manual please give me a note.
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