Author Topic: Linear to RGB?  (Read 870 times)

There's an RGB to linear but what about the other? Something cleaner than RGBA merge? Basically what I want is to use a noise to multiply against a color map.
Ideally, take my color channel, connect it to a blend with say, a clouds and set multiply.
What I do now is connect my color to a blend, drag in another color node, then use a cloud and a levels to adjust the intensity of the variation. TUMENINODES!

It would help you add some images or the sbs file. RGB to Linear is a color profile conversion. The RGBA merge is a channel merger. I'm confused.

You can use the gradient map node for this, if I understand the question correctly.

Gradient map is what I was looking for thank you.

It may not be any cleaner graph wise, but it saves some clicks if I want to change colors or duplicate it to make an additional color in the graph.
Thank you