Author Topic: SP2MAR V1.01(Substance Painter to Marmoset toolbag)  (Read 867 times)

I release Sp2MAR V1.01

V1.01 Tips:


Video Show:



Intro:This plugin functions as a connection between "Substance Painter"(SP) output to "Marmoset toolbag"(Mar). You can use the custom preset file, the output mesh and all the textures from SP just by clicking a button and it will automatically open the Mar software and Mar file. If you click the "Don`t Show Again" button ,the SP file will always connect the Mar file. When you click "sp2mar" button again ,It will only export the textures, so you can just change your Mar settings...hope you will enjoy it.


1.Copy the "SP2MAR Folder" input you SP plugin Folder(put it "Plugins"-"Plugins Folder").

2.Open the "SP2MAR Folder" --"spcallmar Folder"--Click the "SPpidMar.exe".

3.SP "Plugins"-"Reload Plugins Folder"



1.Only supports Win..MAC comming soon....

2.First of all, save your SP file before.

3.Preset file could supports All(MAR)RBGA channel, Except for the Occlusion Channel (it does not support RBG Channel, you need to change it manually in Mar).

4.If you click "Don't Show Again" button, the SP file will always connect the Mar file. When you click the "sp2mar" button it will just sync your textures and it will automatically open the Mar file.

5.SP "Configuration"-"mesh maps" section is not supported. If you need AO and Normal maps you can select them from the SP "Input maps" and "Converted maps" sections.

6.If you have any question or suggestion please send me an email to:


Jet Xie,JustUNeed,baka_akari,Leoric,Kevin Dang,Sago,Root Vic

Hope you will like it!XD!


Need Version:SP2018.2.1+,MAR:3.04+

1.Support SP2018.2.1  the  new SSS mat,include SSS Color and SSS Scale.

2.Small Size just 3MB.

Thanks:xianghuaqin give me test file.

Update and some Tips:


if you find material into the Mar is "Black Color"

,please delete "SpecularLevel" Channel in you Preset fill will fix it ! : )!