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I've been using Substance designer for a while now, and I really love it!
Here are some features requests that could help improve it (from the most important to the less one, in my own subjective opinion ;) ):

  • Multiple nodes modification: Ability to change similar properties on multiple nodes at the same time.
    For example, it would be super useful to change the method of inheritance (relative to parent or absolute) on several nodes at once.
    This would be true not only for nodes, but for resources too: I found myself having to change my textures bitmap compression one by one, and I had 40 of them...
  • Lock Width and Height aspect ratio in Output size: A simple check box to lock the ratio, as it get annoying having to change width and height individually. (see 1st attachment)
  • Float values (0-1) for colors instead of 0-255: It would make much more sense for UDK/UE4 users since color values, roughness, etc. are in the 0-1 range.
    It could be an option in the preferences, so each user can decide what he likes best.
  • Scroll automatically the canvas when connecting nodes outside of screen: UDK/UE4 have this cool little feature that help a lot with complex graphs.
  • Integrate batch tools in Designer: When publishing substance files with lots of textures, publishing from SD fails, so we need to use batch tools in command line, which is kind of annoying as it breaks the workflow.
    If I understand correctly, batch tools are only for Pro version users, but there should be an option to specify the batchtools executable, so it can be used as an alternate publishing process.
    I saw there's a tool called SD Batch Tools Info supposed to help in the command line writing, but I could not make it run...
  • 3D View drop down menus should not close when changing values: When changing settings in the 3D view, menu instantly closes. It should stay open so you can change all the settings you need without having to dive into the menu again (and they can be 4 levels deep!) (see 2nd attachment)
  • Computing progress bar: Some kind of subtle progress bar to show computing progress in the bottom right of the screen. It would be useful when long operations occur, like changing graph resolution for example because it seems frozen right now. (see 3rd attachment)
  • Export outputs as bitmaps: The "Save All" button should be changed to "Save" since you can only select 1 output if you want ;) (see 4th attachment)

I hope it helps, keep up the great work!