Author Topic: How to get IOR from Substances that are set up for both Met/Rgh and Spec/Gloss  (Read 1297 times)


I noticed that the substances from Substance Source (at least some, haven't checked all) have been set up to have both Met/Rough and Spec/Gloss outputs. The one thing missing though is an IOR output. It looks like I need this for VRay (If I use the BaseColor/Metallic/Rougness converter to convert a Met/Rough material to Spec/Gloss workflow, and set it to output for VRay, it does give me an IOR output). But anyone have any idea what I have to do to get an IOR straight out of the sbs for these Substances that are set up to give both Met/Rough and Spec/Gloss outputs? Thanks in advance.