Author Topic: What DCC is Allegorithmic using in their marketing materials?  (Read 3925 times)

I realize it is more than likely several, but I'm keen to know. 

I've been using Substance with C4D and I love it, but I never can get the super nice closeup details I'm seeing in the Allegorithmic marketing materials. 

A prime example is the recent email about creature skins.

Look at this octopus material!  I've downloaded it from source, but I don't get that nice of detail with my displacements using C4D with Redshift.

Just curious.

Hello Gary,
sorry to hear that, would you mind about provide at least a comparative pics ?
Just to try to figure where could be the problem :)

Thanks you
Eric Lautard aka Janine Smith
Technical artist
Substance Source

There seems to be a problem with the way the C4D integrated plugin interpolates height map data to 8-bit instead of 16-bit or higher. 

Even when the Substance is set to 16-bit for the height, C4D is interpreting to 8.  I'm using Redshift, and this problem is most prevelant there.  I've been through this with the Redshift developers, and they say it is out of their hands, and that the C4D integrated substance engine plugin is the problem.

The only work-around I've found, is to either bake maps from SD or to use SP to paint the materials, thus "baking" them manually.

I've also noticed however that Marmoset Toolbag is what a lot of SD artists use to display their work.  So I was just curious if that is being used heavily by Allegorithmic for their marketing materials. 

I wouldn't see it as an endorsement by Allegorithmic by sharing that info.  I just want to try different things.

I'll see if I can do a comparison render of one of the marketing examples. :)   Need to get my current project rendered first.


Renders are made within Designer, with iRay :)
thanks for your feedback, i will make a test here with the information you provided and will be back with results.

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Eric Lautard aka Janine Smith
Technical artist
Substance Source

Thank you.

I've noticed it quite a bit with substances downloaded from the source library. 

Recently I was trying to use the Iceland Snow Melt substance in a project, and with auto bump mapping turned on, it exhibits very bad stepping.  The displacement looks low resolution not just in color space but in pixel size as well.  Like half resolution, and 4 bit color.  Disabling auto bump mapping removes most of the stepping, but then you lose potential detail.

I'm using Redshift exclusively, and converting to Redshift materials (which just drops the appropriate maps into the right nodes in the RS shader graph)

Meh, not sure what to tell about it. It may seem that it's alright to use such techniques, but from the other hand, I really think that it's getting non professional when it comes to such tools and techniques.