Author Topic: Tile Sampler - Multi Map Output  (Read 461 times)

I'm not 100% positive if there is a node that already exists for this, but it would be cool if the tile sampler node output individual gray-scale maps based upon pattern number. Say for example, if you have four pattern inputs and you randomize them the way you want, then the tile sampler would have 5 outputs.

1) The combined patterns
2) Gray-scale map for pattern 1
3) Gray-scale map for pattern 2
4) Gray-scale map for pattern 3
5) Gray-scale map for pattern 4

I'm aware that I could utilize 2 tile sampler nodes in order to achieve a mask, but I feel like a feature such as this would make sense to include with the node. Correct me if I'm right or wrong. What are other people opinions on this?

yes! I would love this. As of now, the only workaround is duplicating the sampler and imputing masks of the original inputs.

To do this, I like to recommend Shape Splatter node.