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Where can I put my voice in to make this a feature set improvement? To me, this is the most irritating thing about Substance Painter. I take the time to make the UVs so that I get everything on one sheet, only to have Substance Painter split them all into a different map per material. From what I'm reading here, if I want them back on one map, I have to take them into Substance Designer?

The better way is to have your LP covered in only one material and bake a material ID map from the high poly. You can use the ID map along with a Color Selection thing on a mask to have the right stuff appear where you want it, and it all stays on one sheet. The only issue there is mentioned in the conversation with beloudest, that the ID maps aren't anti-aliased so you want to make them big to minimize jagginess.

Is there any news on that? (merge multiple textures-set into just on texture-set)?
Waiting for a few month now, will we see this feature any time soon?

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First, gotta say this software has save me time and money. Great job!

Now, the clog in the pipe is the maps being split up and not combined. This has cost me a few hours and quite a bit of hair pulling. I did find a solution using another piece of software and I hope I don't get banned here for pointing to it, but it is DAZ Studio (

The steps I use are:

Import the model and using the surface tab, apply the maps in the Diffuse Color for each material.

Select all the surfaces and make sure the lighting mode is set to Matt, Diffuse Strength to 100%, Ambient Color 0,0,0 (black), Ambient Strength 100%.

Select all the surfaces that you want in the same map.

Click on the Shader Baker tab at the top of the surfaces. Check only the Bake Shader box, Bake Mode 'Bake as One Texture', Max Raytrace Depth: 0, Pixel Samples (X) & (Y): 8, Shadow Samples: 1, and Shading Rate: 0.10

Then hit Bake. This will give you a map with all the same type materials in one map.

So it´s basically like a vertex color bake from 3D high-poly model?


Has there been any movement on implementing this feature in Painter?

I have 6 texturesets that I would like to have their channels merge into their respective textures. I have 6 textures exported from 6 texturesets, and while I can combine them in PS, it would save me a lot of time, if I didn't have to.


I'd also like to see this feature implemented.
I already reduced the number of materials as far as reasonable, but some recombining is still needed.

It needs to be controllable.  On my current project I need to bake 4 Texture Sets to 2 sets of maps.


Just chiming in to second this feature request. Right now I solve it by working in 3Dcoat simultaneously but it's still a bit of an iffy process in Photoshop. I'd just like a checkbox for merging stuff together in Painter. I'm still testing the trial for maybe implementing it into my workflow at my current place of employment and right now this feature is probably the one that will make it or break it for me.

Jumping on the bandwagon for this feature request, please implement <3 Need to murrrge all doze texture setts

You can merge the textures in Substance Designer. I just tested it and it works well.

Basically you will create materials for each of your material ID using the maps exported from painter inside substance. Then you can combine these materials using multi material blend and the svg map of your various parts. Then you can export a single combined map for each of base color, normal, roughness, metallic etc from Substance Designer. Once you have this graph you can plug in any new inputs and repeat the procedure.

Dude, I saw something like this being explained by Wes, idk if it was in the SD forum or here, but my brain had a floating point error, cause I didn't get it.  If I look at that explanation again and do the tutorials for SD, it should make sense to me?

I have a 44 revolver with multiple ids because of the way it's constructed, just attaching them together would make it impossible for me to texture them...If I use Maya's Nightshade Blockout plugin to produce a color id map for SP to use, would that force SP to not produce a billion texture maps?  Or the texture set controls?

I'm gonna try both avenues, though I am NOT running out of ways to fail it seems.

+1 For this MUST-HAVE feature!
Please implement this as soon as possible.
The userbase is cracking under the current inconveinience!
Has been requested simce early 2014 and yet no change..

Really need this feature. If anyone knows of a standalone program that will combine, please share :D

yes please,

would be a dream come true ;)

I'll also add in a request for this feature. After watching the beginner tutorial with the cool new texture sets and thinking that trying 6 instead of the 4 shown seemed like a good idea, it was not fun learning I had to reassemble 30 textures in photoshop by hand. It seems odd to me that this isn't already implemented with the quality and polish of the rest of the product so I have to wonder if there's a fundamental architecture design issue at play here.

Yes! Same here for another vote. I'm also a Daz Studio user. Our clients want as many mat zones as possible so they can tweak things. I just did a quick little computer tower case. I put a power button on it, want it to be a different color. It takes 5 additional texture images just for that tiny little spot on the UV set. Wasteful.

Now I think I'll give DZ's method a try to see how good it holds all the colors. Things like the gun mentioned above? Well, IMHO a good gun would have a separate zone for a lot of things. In a program like Daz Studio, I could easily pop a pearl shader onto the grips... or my own wood... make it a stainless version if it's blued... make it brown bess color... rotten wood grips.. anyway. Therein lies the issue and the workarounds are huge time eaters. Otherwise, you rock! :)