Author Topic: Baking seems to be all CPU - no GPU?  (Read 3653 times)


I did some slower than usual baking on a variety of assets over the past few days and decided to look at my resource usage. It was surprising to see that my CPU usage stayed at 90% or higher while my GPU never went higher than 0.4%. This is about the opposite of what I expected to see. Am I misunderstanding?

The bakers that take most of the baking time (normal, AO, thickness) are all CPU based.

Any plans to implement GPU based AO/ thickness bakers? If you have ever baked AO in Marmoset Toolbag (which takes a couple of minutes at most even with high resolutions) you'll not want to wait for Painter again, its just multitudes slower.

But Toolbag is another app which requires an extra step in the workflow. Would be nice to have fast AO baking directly in Painter.
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Thanks. Now I see why it makes sense to bake maps in another program and then import them with the model.