Author Topic: Houdini 17 + animated textures issues  (Read 6114 times)

Manually Changing $time exported parameter does work in the render, but
when I plug in a houdini expression (such as $F) the texture stops updating,
as I move from frame to frame.

Also, "Export" button does not work with animated textures.

Any way to get this working currently? Otherwise, would be great if that worked in the future..


wound up writing a quick python loop to bake out textures from houdini..
// in below "s" is the substance plugin node..

expPathBase = "D:/images/"

n =hou.node('/shop/s')
for f in range(0,100):
   expPath=expPathBase + "drips." + str(int(f)) +"."
   n.parm("_sub__time").set(f * 0.1)
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You can give PDG a try. I created a wedge node, then a rop and it worked very good as an alternative of keyframing parameters.