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I'm new to Substance Painter and have some issues here and there. One of them is with normal baking. I try to bake a straight line onto the low poly model but it gets curvy once it's baked:

I understand the underlying problem, but I can't figure out how to change the projection mode or something. Any ideas how to fix that?

Post a wireframe of your model and a wireframe of the UV layout please.

Top Ortho View:

UV Layout:

Distortion most likely due to Painters triangulation. Either triangulate the mesh before importing it into Painter, or subdivide the object with the largest UV island a couple of times (insert edge loops).

High poly mesh is also most likely too low poly still.

First of all, thanks for your answer!

I tried both methods, pre triangulate the mesh, which had no effect at all, and subdividing the object (especially the rounding of the cylinder) which just made the curvy line more curvy instead of like triangles going up and down.

Anyone encountered such a problem or has suggestions?
I saw another video where kind of that problem was solved by unchecking "Average Normals" which sadly has no effect on my problem aswell :(
Here the vid:

upload your FBX/OBJ files somewhere if you want, I will take a look at it.

Thanks for the offer!
I'll gladly accept it ;) cause I have no more Ideas besides trying other software for baking (which would be a pain to use multiple programs) or fixing the normal in Photoshop.

Here are the files (not the newest version, but I'm not at home atm):

Greetings from Germany!

The lowres object does not match the highres object exactly, it is quite off in several locations. Load both objects into the same scene in your 3d modeling app, and make sure the lowres object matches the highres object as closely as possible (use retopologizing tools/ e.g. make the highres surface live in Maya).

For best baking results, you need to make sure that the vertices of the lowres object are located exactly on the surface of the highres object (snapped/ shrink-wrapped/ retopologized to the surface, there are tools for achieving that in most 3d apps).

Also, your highres object isn't highres at all. You will get faceted bakes this way. You want absolutely smooth surfaces, you can subdivide the highres model to a much higher degree until there are no faceted polygons visible (I usually bake ZBrush models with several millions of polygons).

Your highres object has about the same polygon count I would use as a lowres object! You could just import your highres object into Painter and start texturing that.
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:o Okay, thank you. It's for an older game engine, so as low as possible is best. But that the vertices should be at the exact location as the highres is, is odd to me. I didn't do much lowres until now and that actually is not that cool I think. But hey, now I know it for the future ;)
Thanks for having a look at it!