Author Topic: EXR Diffuse output from SD = import in 3DS w/ override 1.0 gamma, right?  (Read 743 times)

Trying to figure out a workflow from SD to 3DS Max & V-Ray. If I output my maps from SD in EXR format, the Diffuse is also being output as Linear (if my understanding is correct).  So, when this diffuse EXR texture is being imported as a bitmap into 3DS, the settings for the bitmap gamma should be set to override 1.0, is that right?

I downloaded the Water_Foam texture from Substance Source. But I feel like I'm having some inconsistency: when I output the diffuse as JPEG from SD, it's much darker than outputting the diffuse as EXR (this, I can understand). But, when I render in 3DS, when using the JPEG, I'm setting the bitmap to come into 3DS with gamma 2.2 (by either checking Automatic, or by setting override to 2.2 ... both do the same thing). Then my render color is coming out as expected.

But, when rendering in 3DS using the diffuse EXR, I still have to set up the EXR to come into 3DS with gamma 2.2 in order to get the render to match what I got with the JPEG. So, the EXR is a lot lighter than the JPEG (understandably), but I have to input both of them as bitmaps with gamma of 2.2 to get the two renders to match. Anyone know why? Shouldn't I be bringing in the EXR as a bitmap with gamma of 1.0? Thanks for your help.