Author Topic: Substance is NOTHING like its shown in Source (vs Unity 2018.1 with plugin)  (Read 731 times)

So I decided to use some of my points towards downloading a few neat looking substances to experiment with. However the first substance I download looks nothing like whats advertised... am I missing something with the unity plugin? Because it seems to work just fine as a substance, just looks nothing like whats shown.

comparison of what was shown.. and what I got:

EDIT: upon looking at more substances in Source, I found that what I have downloaded as a substance is/looks very similar to "Chrome Plated Rusty" (I think)... In which case the files must be misplaced/swapped (probably) on the Source website.
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Hi @Bartender_mmmm

After verifications it would seem that some nodes in this Substance material are GPU only.
Unity does not use GPU engine currently, which is why it looks this way.
The Substance Source artists are making sure when creating new materials that they are as compatible as possible on both CPU and GPU, but it is unfortunately not always possible.

A workaround to make this specific material work in Unity would be to export the outputs of the Substance material in Unity (as bitmaps).
PO @ Allegorithmic

I'm assuming that's architecture that will be connected when Unity enables GPU processing in the (hopefully) near future? I know Unity mentioned that they are fully integrating native use of substances in 2018.x...

But anyways, thanks for the info. Would be nice to know which materials on Source use GPU processing ahead of time XD

The materials created internally by the Substance Source team are nearly always compatible with CPU processing.
However for "Signature" materials created by guest artists it is not always the case.
In the last Signature drop there are three more materials which look a bit different on CPU and GPU:
Sci Fi Spaceship Access Cover, Sci Fi Technical Wall, and Sci Fi technical Hull.

I hope this helps a bit, until both CPU and GPU work in Unity!
PO @ Allegorithmic