Author Topic: How to have equal tiling with grayscale and color tile sampler?  (Read 3409 times)

Hello! Ive run into this issue where I have made a single shape, with color and a height, and now I want to tile it randomly.... however the tiling in the grayscale tile sampler does not match the tiling of the color tile sampler.
I have copy pasted all the values, and the issue seems to lie in the  "Max" alpha blending of the grasycale sampler.  I can't seem to find any attribute that will let me use the "depth" calculated in the grasycale tile sampler to apply it  to the alpha cards made in the color tile sampler.

As you can see, each one looks fine separately, but when I try combining them into a material the depth of the leaves doesn't match

 Here I am showing both tile samplers blended (grasyscale just multiplied on top of color) and yo can see how the grayscale cuts is off in many parts.... every once in a while the leaves match, but not most of the time.

I am not sure how to address it but I feel like surely someone has tried this before and come up with a solution???

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hey, you may want to try the shape splatter for this

hah yeah just learned about this node! unfortunately work place is not current with updates so I'll have to do without...

Do you mind sharing your sbs? No promise, but I can have a look

sure thing I'll send you a PM!

I've kinda moved on since there is a deadline on this project so I've used the height map to color the leaves after the tile sampler node, which is not ideal since I lose the color map I had developed for the individual leaf.  However it would be super awesome if you can point me on how to improve this workflow, since I don't see us getting the tile sampler node update anytime soon (studio is kinda waiting on that big seamless UDIM update for Painter :D)

ok, so in your case, I would recommend to isolate the alpha, and use a histogram scan to make a pure black and white mask

ok, so in your case, I would recommend to isolate the alpha, and use a histogram scan to make a pure black and white mask

Ok, I understand how to do that but at what point in my graph do you suggest I should do that? is that before or after the tile sampler? I don't really understand how this helps with my problem.

Close to the beginning: I would merge your greyscale values and a mask into a color node, and plug this into the tile sampler
Then colorize the result.

actually, it won't work, as you will lose the Max blending mode, so shape splatter will be better.

Something to improve for the base color: you can replace all the nodes by a single gradient map one:

Ahh, gotcha.
Yes, it was the inability to have the "max" blending mode also apply in the Tile Sampler Color that caused this issue in the first place.
Thanks for your help tho!