Author Topic: About a multimaterial object  (Read 936 times)

Hi everyone,

I have an object made of a cork cylinder, a rope and piece of metal.
I modeled it in Maya.
I have one UV map at present time.
Using Substance Designer should I divide it into 3 objects and apply each material to each object ?
Or could I keep everything in one object ?
In this case how do I manage the various materials in Substance Designer ?
Thanks for your help !

Hey, SD (and SP) is looking at applied materials to divide your asset, regardless if it's one single asset, or different ones.
In SD, you will then create a different graph for each material: just drag'n' drop the graph in the 3d view, and it will prompt you to choose the correct ID.

Thank you very much for Reply.
Here is the UV map and diffuse map.

If I drag & drop on a part of the model, let's say the rope, how does SD know it has to assign the given material to all the shells of the rope and not the other ones ?

I think if you export an FBX then the material tags are kept, so Designer can read those