Author Topic: SBSDocument.write save sbs file problem  (Read 2108 times)

hi all,
My case is ,i create the sbs file in server driver(N:/), the bitmap file someone is N: driver someone is T: driver.if i use the SBSDocument.writeDoc save the sbs file, with error is (ValueError: path is on drive T:, start on drive N:). So i try set the wrtieDoc(aUpdatRelativesPaths=False), i can save the sbs file, but i open the sbs file in SD with error my dependency node will disconnect.
i get back set the aUpdatRelativesPaths = True, and relocate all T:driver bitmap file by SD first, i run the SAT again is work.

My question is SAT can support different server driver map?


Hi Sum,

This is unfortunately a known bug. It will be fixed in the next release. PM me if you need a hotfix for it.


Hi David,
sound Good,i will with next release verions,no nieed hotfix