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This is a scene i made using UE4 and Painter. I was trying to get used to painter and decided to create the whole scene using it. I found as I went along that the texturing got a lot faster and that I was able to save a ton of time with some presets and other thing.

And here are a couple of the models in Marmoset Tool bag 2 and their corresponding textures.

There are more on my website that you can see at

great job ! thanks for sharing

Johvilleneuve thanks for the comment I appreciate it !

Did u have any performance issues when you loaded the level :)? You did a marvelous job!!

Their where no problems with painter since each asset was textured separately in painter then put together in Unreal Engine 4. This also allows me to reuse pieces in other scenes. Things like the dirt splotches and blood splatter are decals on tiling textures.

I would love to try something like this for a level. Like loading the entire scene in Painter and work on it. I would have a hard time though with the current navigation and careful masking of surfaces

Cool scene! The potted plant turned out real nice too.

Kr Graphics - It probably could be done on a scene this size since it is well under 80k tris but I think you would run into texture resolution problems with all the pieces as 1 model. In this scene all the textures are 1024x1024 or smaller. If I need to adjust something it is a lot easier to bring in the individual piece and adjust.

Kay.Vriend- Thanks for the reply! The plant was the third model that I textured and the first where I started to get comfortable with the work flow.

I would have a crap load of texture sets.