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Hello, I'm a new Painter user. I've been through the intro tutorials but one feature that I can't seem to find (maybe there's a better way), but for example you have a tv set and you want to apply an image to the screen. In most 3d apps, you can load up the image and "Auto Size" to snap the image to match the poly's usually in a planar projection. I see in Painter you can adjust the offset/scale/rotation when placing a texture in projection, but I don't see an easy way to make a texture fill (not tile) a poly selection or UV island. Looking for that "Auto Size" button right below the scale/translate options.

If it doesn't exist, what is the recommended approach for this in Painter?


There is no automatic sizing of an image to a UV island in Painter, you need to set this up in your 3d modeling app beforehand. Create the tv screen in any aspect ratio, and lay out the UVs filling the entire 0-1 (or whatever) UV space. Add a fill layer to your screen in Painter and assign your image to the base color slot.

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What you can do in that case is create a mask that corresponds to the screen (with the fill mode): this way you can make sure your content is just applied on this part.
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Ok I'll work with that.

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