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I write script to automate my process. Script no return errors, but file not saved in folder. Where my problem?
How i can enable debug for bt.sbsbaker_color_from_mesh function. now this no return anything.
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import os
from pysbs import batchtools as bt

save_path = "F:\\Substances\\Floor\\Masks\\"
directory = "F:\\3D\\Location\\export\\"
files_in_folder = sorted(os.listdir(directory))
high_mesh = 'Masks.FBX'
texture_size = [10,10]

bt.sbsbaker_color_from_mesh(directory + "\\" + files_in_folder[1],
                                 highdef_mesh = high_mesh,
                                 output_path = save_path,
                                 dilation_width = "0",
                                 apply_diffusion = "false",
                                 color_source = "3",
                                 output_size = texture_size)
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Okay, one man answered me. My problem was in path to hidef_mesh. Now, I have other problem, in loop script run multiple instances of sbsbaker.exe at onetime. How i can limit process count to 4 or 8?

I am done prevous task, and get to new.
Now me need replace in standart graph one texture(texture mask) and save new sbs. I can do that, via pysbs or not?

Thanks all, i made my scrips. ::)