Author Topic: 3D preview in Designer different from Painter and Sketchfab export  (Read 758 times)


I'm using Designer to make materials, then export them to Sketchfab through Painter.

My problem is that the 3D preview in Designer is really different from Painter. I think i have a resolution problem or something goes wrong on normals (see attached file). I already checked the "parent size" (i need 4096px details).

Once exported on Sketchfab, the result is similar to what i see in Painter. It's really painfull to have to "guess" in Designer what the result will look like in Painter and seeing it's so different once imported in Painter...

I hope you understand my trouble,

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hey try deactivating the normal map slot in SP


The problem doesn't come from SP, because this is exactly how it is supposed to look, and i get the same look also in Sketchfab once it's uploaded.

The problem really comes from the 3D preview in SD.

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yes, but the way the height is used in SP and in SD is different:
- height in SD will influence displacement
- while height in SP will generate relief like the normal map: so if you have both, it's as if you have 2 normals compared to SD

Sorry but i'm afraid i don't understand ; could you please send me some link to online documentation or tutorial that would explain this particular point ?


juste try deactivating the height map channel and tell me if it's closer to what you see in SD

I don't use height map in SD (i don't see any difference on preview with or without height map), so it is empty also on SP. Either i activate it or not in SP, the result is the same.

do you mind sharing the Substance file?

Is this ok ?

yes. looks similar to me by default:

It looks good indeed... :)

Any idea why can't i get this render inside SP ?

maybe you can share you spp as well? :)