Author Topic: Errors exporting to sbsar - Execution failed ! (Exit Code: 13)  (Read 1561 times)

OK it's because you have to use the "bitmap2material light" node that is accessible within SD: (the node you are trying to use is related to some dependencies)
Where do I find the Bitmap2Material Light sbsar file for importing into Substance Designer?  In the B2M install folder I only see in data folder "Bitmap2Material_3-1.sbsar" and then in the Legacy folder there is "Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar"

Here is my graph. Also not sure it is helpful or relevant, but exporting to use with the substance plugin for 3ds max. many of the layers built off of the polygon 1/2 shapes are not appearing in the final export.
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Thanks Vincent.  That did work but unless my set up still has errors, the functionality provided by this node is extremely limited compared to what is possible in the actual B2M application.  For example, I can't find a way to perform either of the two most essential tasks: Manipulate the base color (shadow removal) to get a more even Albedo texture.  Or set and control the tiling method.

It does not appear to be possible to edit the Base parameters of the Bitmap2Material Light node and the Tiling mode can not be changed from the default "H and V tiling".

Is this correct or might I be doing something wrong?

If indeed these are just current limitations of the "light" node, are there any plans to expose more of the functionality from the full B2M application within Designer so that a more powerful sbsar can then be imported into Substance Painter?

you are quite right for the b2m light features: there are other nodes like the equalizer and some that are used for scanned treatment.

Ultimately, B2M will be replaced by Substance Alchemist, which is way more powerful.

Ultimately, B2M will be replaced by Substance Alchemist, which is way more powerful.
Great!  I watched the Siggraph videos about Alchemist.  Very excited about that product.  I applied to be a beta tester just recently!

Any update on this? haven't been able to resolve this export issue

It's explained at the bottom of the 1st page of this thread.