Author Topic: Painter Crashes - nVidia Bug  (Read 490 times)

Not sure if this will help anyone but I was getting crashes from Painter while it was launching, and when it did work (third try), it crashed when trying to apply a smart material. The event viewer was reporting the failing .dll as nvcuda,dll. I remembered I had adjusted my card's (nVidia Quadro M5000) Global Presets to use all CUDA - GPUs. Some of my 3D apps run much better but the solution to the Painter crash was to turn off Program Settings for the CUDA GPUs and not apply them to Painter or globally. You can find these settings in your NVDIA Control Panel under Manage 3D Settings and apply specific program settings for Painter and other apps without altering the Global Settings. Hopefully this will be a work around for some.


Thank you so much! This was the only thing that helped!

Edit: Unfortunatly, Painter was crashing again as soon as i used another mesh than Meetmap. But thanks anyway. I will try it with an older Painter version.
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