Author Topic: Layer Effects not Loading? And thank you for the updated plugin!!!!!  (Read 5724 times)

I want to say THANK YOU so much for the update to the Modo plugin!   I have been at my wit's end, trying to load newer Substances in Modo and having it error out at me with the message stating that the Substances have features not yet supported in Modo, because I was using the old plugin.  Thank you so much for the update!!!

I come here with a problem, though, and please do not kill me.   I could certainly have done something wrong.  It could definitely be a case of user error.  But, when loading a Substance in Modo 12.1v1, the Specular, Glossiness, and AO maps for each substance don't have their layer effects set.

It has happened with multiple substances, and even when they're set at different resolutions.  I can set them by hand, no problem there at all, but I figured it's something y'all would want to be aware of.  Please don't be mad, I'm truly happy to see the plugin updated!!  Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

PS:  The attached log is the Event Log from Modo, and I am not sure if it is the right thing to attach, but all of those errors came up when the initial Substance was loaded.

Hi @nightsong ,

Specular and glossiness are outputs for shaders that do not support metalness and roughness, and since Modo supports those, won't be hooked up and are not needed. The metalness and roughness maps are what you need, and Modo supports metalness now in 12.0.

If Modo has an AO effect now, then the plugin should be changed to support that.


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