Author Topic: Newer version of Designer cannot open older file  (Read 810 times)

Well this is not what I expected. I upgraded to a new PC and was reinstalling software, Substance Designer 2017.1.4 included, and opened a package I was working on recently on my older PC and I see this error (see attached)

Now I normally see this when opening a file edited with a newer version but this seems to be the opposite scenario which is rather bizarre. I know for a fact that I used SD 2017 for this file so I'm rather confused how this is occurring.

Anyone know why this could happen?

Edit: So I decided to attempt changing the version number, both the formatVersion and updaterVersion values, to "1.1.20170" using Notepad++ to and see how Designer reacted to it. It picked up on it and offered to upgrade it to "1.1.20174" but upon doing so I get this error. (see attached)

I have a few 2017 files and they all have roughly the same issue, one complaining about a type variable (output size in one instance) and others for comptype (value is either an integer set to 1 or 2, nothing unusual). These values also exist for 5.6 files so I'm puzzled what's preventing it from reading the file past these variables in 2017.1.4.

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