Author Topic: Project file is corrupted after failed save  (Read 1359 times)

I really don't know why is it happening, but when my disc is full and I try to save my substance painter project, the program always did the following:
1. Doesn't save(and this I can understand if there is no free space).
2. Displays a window which says save failed and it is critical error, so substance painter must close itself. Why? Why just because it could't save it must close and make me lost my all unsaved work? Can it just say I must clear some space?
3. Here comes the best part - after painter closes, when I try to reopen my project file it turns out the file itself is corrupted and I can't even open it.

Great job allegorithmics, all my work is gone, and the only thing I can do is start from the beginnig. This happened more then once, but today even my autosave file was corrupted.