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It's the reason why most of the times I'd rather paint in Zbrush.

Because painting in ZBrush is fully non-destructive, right?

Would be a great feature to have without any doubt, but to be honest I have rarely missed it. Areas that you can't reach with your brush will most likely be areas that will be occluded by other sub-objects and won't be seen in full detail anyway, so painting those areas in 2D view is not a big problem, at least in my opinion.

Nevertheless, being able to hide polygons based on connectivity/ selection sets/ material assignments is a quite obvious feature that should have been there from the beginning.

I getting used by 3d coat before so +1, really need this on SP

Please add hide/unhide polygons/parts of the mesh. I know it was mentioned that there is something under the hood that makes this very difficult but it has to be done. It makes work very painful...
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This is crazy.  A 3d painting tool that can't hide geometry?  Splitting materials just to get at some obscured geometry isn't an option.  I don't know how painting in 2d can even be suggested--if that was good enough everyone would just use Photoshop.

I assumed Painter was a new product, maybe released in the last year or so, due to the huge amount of missing core functionality.  Apparently it's been out for years.  Think it's time to try some alternatives.

This is ridiculous. The thread has a lot of the same complaints but this needs to be constantly updated so that someone will finally notice it.

It seems that I will have to create a material in 3ds Max for each piece that I need access to. This unfortunately creates separate texture maps that I will have to cut up and put into one map.....sloppy, very sloppy.

Anyone know of a better program?

I really need this feature... how to people go about texturing something like the inside of a car?

Is there a way to "freeze" different parts of the mesh, like in 3D-Coat?

If so, it would be similar to this feature.

Same problem, very annoying when accidentally overlapped by other parts, which happens quite often. 2D mode doesn't always work when I need a smooth transition between islands.


Please, please, please make this feature addition high priority.  My biggest complaint about Painter now that I'm attempting to switch from Mari.  Lack of this makes painting complicated geo a serious exercise in PAIN!  :)