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I was wondering, are there or will there be any support for Filter Forge filters when it comes to substances? Filter Forge has a large database of almost 10 000 filters, many of them really good, and it would be awesome and really powerful if substances actually could use these filters inside Unity etc.  :)

Filterforge uses completely different algorithms and has no runtime component to it so support for their filter is impossible. However, pretty much all of these filters can be done with Substance directly.

I was toying with this same idea, seeing how both .sbs and .ffxml files are just XML. It should be possible to make some kind of converter between both of them.

However, there are some major differences: Filter Forge allows for Lua scripted components and iterations, which can drive the performance of a filter quite easily into the ground, while Substance Designer allows for multiple outputs from a single graph, which Filter Forge doesn't.

I think only the most basic filters might be converted from ffxml to sbs, which then would have to be edited by hand to add the extra outputs. I'm not sure how many of such Filter Forge filters actually exist.

On the other hand, converting from sbs to ffxml might be easier, just replacing any Substance Designer element not found in Filter Forge with an equivalent Lua script... and driving performance into the ground.

Roundtrip conversions would be almost impossible, or mostly useless.

Cool! It would be awesome of such a converter were to be made, because all 10 000 filter forge filters are free, while most substances a costs loads. And to be honest, many of the filter looks as good, if not better than most substances. Only problem is of course the lack of dynamic editing inside Unity like substances has..

Like Jeremie said,
Quote from: Jeremie Noguer
pretty much all of these filters can be done with Substance directly.
If you need to reproduce some filters from Filter Forge, just ask in this forum and we might be able to help you.
"Hinhin!" :-D