Author Topic: Creating lace and embroidered trims  (Read 565 times)

I'm a little stuck on how to create a lace or embroidered trim brush in SP.

For example, let's say I have a section of lace that tiles horizontally.  I've created the color, normal, and opacity maps (metallic and rough can be solid colors).

I am able to make it tile and repeat properly when I load them into a brush, but it seems when I save the brush it only saves the repeat, size, and rotation settings, it doesn't save the materials along with it. Is there a way to save the brush WITH the maps that are attached to the brush?

You need to save it as a 'tool' (Shelf -> Tools).

I don't think you can duplicate the tools directly inside Painter, so you need to do it in the Windows Explorer.

Right-click any of the tools in the Painter shelf, and select 'show in explorer'. Duplicate the Sppr-file (just select it in the Explorer and hit CTRL-C -> CTRL-V). Restart Painter.

Select the new duplicated tool in the Shelf, adjust the tool settings (assign alpha, material ect), then right-click the tool in the shelf and select 'Update from current tool'.

Kind of a suboptimal workflow, but its the only way I know about.

Thank you volker, I'll give that a try. Much appreciated.