Author Topic: I am having issues applying a created smart materials to my mesh  (Read 760 times)

I have a mesh that i will be using within different projects and created a smart material in order to still make small changes if necessary. For whatever reason, I have noticed the the information within my masks are completely wrong and its causing the textures to not look right on the mesh. Its the exact same mesh with the exact same UVs just in a different s anyone come across this issue as well? Its weird as to why this doesn't work[img width=592

If some of these details are painted, the strokes are recorded in 3d space, so even if the model is the same, if the position of the foot is different in the new scene, you may lose some of that painting.

For sure, I am using painted masks in order to get details to show where i want to see them, so I guess using smart materials won't work in regards to transferring my work to different scenes. Thanks for the input, it was much appreciated