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Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting with Painter and I was trying to import a mesh that only has uv's for the visible polygons, some polygons are there but since they aren't visible I deleted the uv's for those.

This fails to load in Painter, it loads but the uv's go crazy in Painter.

Is this normal?

Thank you

I think I found the issue, this seems a SP bug.

If I create a unit cube in Modo and export I get the UV in Painter really enormous and I wont have precision with the 2d painting because the texture set is very small when compared wit the texture size.

If I scale down the cube to be around 100 mm then works fine.


What do you mean by 'invisible polygons'? You have hidden them in your 3d modeling app? This does not have any influence on anything outside of your 3d modeling app. All polygons contained in your scene that you plan to import into Painter must have matching UVs. If there are polygons you don't need, delete them.

'UV in Painter is really enormous' and 'texture set is very small' makes no sense to me. There should be no problem importing a 1m x 1m x 1m cube, or of any size, from Modo into Painter. Baking/ precision problems could arise if the object is too small (a couple of mm in height).

Post a screenshot of your UV layout please.
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Hi Volker,

Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry I didn't got any email notification and I forgot.

My only issue is this one with the UV but I think this might be a Modo thing, or even a user error.

This is my modo scene with two simpler mesh elements, I export in FBX 2018 and inside Painter I get this:
and this in Painter

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 :( I also have this problem. :'( :'( :'
Who can help me?

Interesting, are you also using Modo?.

I haven't seen this issue before when exporting meshes from MODO. Can you send me the mesh file?

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Please refer to this thread for this issue:,25574.0.html