Author Topic: 3d camera manipulation is frustrating on interior scenes  (Read 624 times)

I'm not 100% clear on how the 3d camera (orbit) works in Painter, but it seems to have been built for models where you are on the exterior. As soon as I try to work with a model that is more of an architectural interior, the camera seems to behave strangely.
It becomes difficult to zoom in far enough to reach the interior of the model, almost as if the camera has some sort of surface detection where it thinks it's colliding with the surfaces, or perhaps it's rotation pivot collides with surfaces. Once I get the camera inside the model, I can dolly the camera in faster than when I was 'stuck' outside. But to reach the interior, I have to dolly in (either via mouse wheel or alt+rmb) at a much higher rate, which is a carpal tunnel nightmare.
It could also be that the camera behaves differently as it approaches the scene origin and slows down as it gets there. Hard to tell without knowing how it was designed.

Whatever the reason, it would be nice to have the option to change the way the camera behaves, similarly to how Maya handles it.

Indeed the camera rotates and zooms based on the surface under the cursor, you'll find the same behavior in 3ds Max for example. We're exploring alternate ways of moving the sameras, like a fly through or first person mode.

That's good to hear. I suppose for now, I can export cameras from my 3d package (Maya) and look through them as a workaround. Not ideal, but not terrible either.

Thanks for the update!

Fly through would be great!

1st person sounds good for interior painting.  :-)

For external, I'm still hoping for rotation about the centre of the model, rather than about what's under the cursor.