Author Topic: UE4 Substance Plugin Image Input need a 16bit file format  (Read 5861 times)

Came across this old thread today - I'm still running into this exact limitation more than 12 months later.

Any news on 16-bit 'Substance Image Inputs' to Unreal?


Seriously, are we ever going to be able to use pngs in unreal?

Hello Everyone,
Firstly, we apologize for the lack of transparency regarding this issue. We completely understand the frustration with this feature and we greatly agree that improvements need to be made. We are currently in the process of bringing some larger changes and improvements to our Unreal Engine integration. A rework to the image input system will be included in these changes. We don't currently have an estimation for when this will be available but as soon as it is, I will post an update here.

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Three years have passed... Still no result. Sigh....