Author Topic: Workflow for sss from designer to max2015 iray  (Read 250 times)

I am new to substance so please excuse any ignorance.

I have scanned a human head and textured it satisfactorily in substance painter. I wish to render the model in 3dsmax. Due to the expense of building a multicamera rig to perform scans and investment in licenses for software I am limited at the moment to rendering the final model in max 2015 using the packaged renders (mray. iray, scanline). I have installed the legacy max plugin but from the documentation I presume this only accommodates Vray.
After watching many videos I see that there may be a path for me to achieve my goal by creating an mdl in designer and using that with Iray within max (hopefully achieving the same results as the painter built in Iray renderer).
I can connect the exports from painter to designer, and am in the process of learning how to set up the material ... but here is where i stumble.
Sub surface scattering

I can't seem to find any current tutorials or documentation to help me set up an mdl with sss. Nor anything that will confirm whether the workflow path I have chosen will infact 'work'. Ideally I'd like a tutorial/guidance on rebuilding the painter material with SSS and converting it to an mdl or just building an mdl from the map exports generated in painter.
Any help on this would be much appreciated as,  tbh, if I am unable to establish a workflow between painter and max 2015 (without having to purchase Vray) then I may as well revert to mudbox and photoshop.