Author Topic: Frequent Freezes/ Crashes  (Read 846 times)

I rolled back to a previous version of Nvidia Driver, I also checked for conflicting software and changed my TDR. Still getting crashes to the point where I cant finish my project. Please let me know what the issue could be. Thanks. Logs are attached. I am on the latest version of Substance Painter as well.

System Specs:
Windows 10 64bit
32g ram
2 x Zotac 1080ti
i7 7700 3.6 ghz

Update: I just realized my driver is still too new downgrading to the 388.71 driver to see if anything changes.

Well once I rolled back the drivers the freezes stopped. Now the only problem is all my other graphic programs seem to be running like crap now.  :(

From our experience the 388.71 are the most stable Nvidia drivers in a while and the 39x have been causing issues with other 3d apps and games as well. What other app has issue with these older drivers?