Author Topic: Getting strange results with AO bake  (Read 502 times)

Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues with AO baking in Painter. Whenever I do the bake, I get these weird "gaps" between the meshes (there is no overlap in the UVs - screenshot included). It's worth noting that I've done the "by mesh name" bake, this is an additional bake I'm trying to do for floor occlusion. Does anyone know what's causing this issue and how to fix it?

It looks like some pieces of your high poly mesh (the ground especially) are not aligned properly with the low poly? That would explain the offset.

hey thank you for the answer
At first I thought it was the problem but the meshes aligned properly ... so now I duplicated the floor in High Polly mesh and its Low Polly too.
that really solve the problem, but there is still a small aberration...
Another suggestion?

Make sure you uncheck the ignore backface option in the AO bake settings.

Thank you ! its solve the problem